Improvising Quality in Educational Institution

Research Partner

Facilitating Analytics for Academic & Social Research

Web Technologies

Developing Communication Platform & Customised Application


Assesment Mechanisim.
Assessing of Various Dimensions Related to the Institution.

Teaching Learning Experience.
Setting up mechanisim to enhance Teaching Learning Experiences.

Identifying Pain Areas
Process to Identify the Pain areas, and frame work to resolve.

Participatory Approach for Governance
Involving All the Stake Holders to Acheive Organizational Goal.


CONSULTINGBusiness Advisory. Expertise in Business Planning Across Domains.

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMDefine - Measure - Improve. Facilitating Setting up MIS for Leadership and Decision Makers in the Organization.

BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONTargetted Communication. Understanding the Target Audience and Planning Media to Communicate.

Market Research & Customer Satisfaction.


Websites Completely Sponsored under Patheya CSR Initative

Anubandh, Kalyan

Bharatiya Mahila Federation

Samata Vichar Prasarak Sanstha

We Need You Society